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Pinterest: The most powerful tool to bring free quality traffic to your website

Who wants to get high amounts of free quality traffic to their website? ⬇️

If you're not on Pinterest yet, I'll show you the reasons why you should start today!

Pinterest has become the main source of organic blog traffic (above SEO), your website surely has a blog, and if it doesn't have one you can just add it and get to work!

The first thing you should do is verify that your niche is popular on the platform. For this you only have to do a search for your keywords and verify that the content is similar to what you want to share.

The most popular search terms will appear on the left below the search bar in highlighted boxes (see image) ordered by popularity.

Optimize your profile using the same popular topics you found and position yourself as an informative and valuable account, resist the temptation to sell! For example, instead of putting "Jackie, Personal trainer at home" put "Jackie, simple tips for exercise and nutrition"

Then you must create visually appealing content related to what your audience wants.

The titles, graphics and the description of your pins are very important. They must be striking and aligned with the searches that users make, remember that this is what they see to decide if they are interested in your content or not, it is your opportunity to attract them!

It is recommended that you convert your account into a business account, it is free, and this will give you access to metrics to analyze your growth.

A super important step is to enable the Rich Pins. This will allow you to add additional information to your post, which is what will make you appear in searches.

Success on this platform depends on you, you must be consistent and do an extraordinary job. This tool has been underestimated by many but if you follow these steps you will create an excellent flow of automatic traffic to your website with a very high return on investment.

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